Apartment Owners Association Kerala – Introduction

Kerala, with its traditional settlement pattern of independent households/ residents is witnessing the emergence of close knit community living systems, through apartment living. The common man in kerala has started looking at the apartment, as a comfortable means for his housing solutions in urban areas. While the apartment living provides better services and security in general, it’s not free from problems either and both the builders and the owners have to pass through testing times as well, in dealing with civic authorities or other parties during construction, post construction and transaction period.

It is felt that these problem can be better assessed and addressed, if all the stake holders are brought together on a common platform that will help share and sort out issues, thereby making life in apartments simpler and happier.

That is how, the Apartment Owners Association of Kerala (APOAK), a registered body based in Thiruvananthapuram was born, APOAK stands and support the cause of all its members throughout the State and is envisaged as a common platform for all its members to vent their grievances and find solutions. As a beginning in this direction we solicit your wholehearted support to this venture which can be a fruitful movement of unity.

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4 Responses to Apartment Owners Association Kerala – Introduction

  1. P.V.SATHEESAN says:

    Dear Sir,
    I wud like to get a contact number from you, for easy communication.


  2. sivadasan CV says:

    Sir, I am sivadasan Tresurer of Enarc Apartmrnt Owners assn.Marar Road, Trichur. This assn is formed in 1999 and the builder was secretary till 2005.The building was occupied in 1993. 58 flats. We have court cases on the following issues. 1.Conveyance. Handing over of land,building, name change of electricals,water records etc. 2,Handing over of common sapce for parking, recreation, assn hall etc. Can you tell me what is the area as per rule to be earmarked for ammenities. (in the new rule of 2011 it is 6% of total area/ what about old rules) I saw you in reporter tv. all the problems raised by you are relevant to us also. Please email. Regards Sivadasan 9447030120. 27/1/12.

  3. ADV.T.O.Xavier says:

    Dear Sir
    We want an application for enrolmenters Association…avier application. Also if possible e_mail a copy of application for registration under Kerala Apartrment Own

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